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Crystal Cruises Inc
It is a NYK’s subsidiary that was founded and registered in the United States in 1989. It is considered in the category of luxury cruise ships and currently has two vessels, Crystal Symphony for 922 passengers and Crystal Serenity for 1070 passengers which travel around the world.
Crystal Cruises has been awarded with the Travel & Leisure prestigious prize during 14 consecutive years, an unprecedented achievement in the cruise industry.

NYK Cruises Co., Ltd
Its service is mainly oriented to the Japanese market, having the Asuka II ship that transports more than 900 passengers around the world.

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Shipping agency services

We provide shipping assistance services in order to carry out loading and unloading port activities. Besides, we accomplish the requirements of ship-owners and other persons in charge. We maintain the good condition of the economic goods and also carry out each operation in the port quickly and efficiently.

Port agency services

We are in charge of customs, administrative and business procedures related to the arrival, and stay and departure of our vessels. As a shipping agency, we supervise and coordinate all loading and unloading operations managed by the ship-owners and the captain.


Our stowage service includes all operations related to the movement of cargo from the dock to the vessel hold, and once inside, it is stored properly.


We are in charge of advising the captain of the vessel to facilitate the entrance and departure from port and perform maneuvers with each vessel under safety conditions. This service includes arrival/departure pilotage, internal movements, traffic control and every approach maneuvers.


Our towing service provides tugboat assistance to vessels and gives support in all port operations. It is considered compulsory in all docking and undocking maneuvers between piers or belt replacement in the same place.


We offer fuel supply services to the vessels in port areas, using boats and road transport units, pumps and hoses designed for this purpose.


NYK-Hinode Line Ltd. We manage with NYK-Hinode important projects of oversized loads from any port in the world to different ports in Peru.

We have a fleet of 51 ships that includes Heavy Load Carriers, Heavy Load Module Carriers, Multipurpose Heavy Load Carriers, etc. that can serve our customers’ different needs and requirements.


Link to: http://www.nyk-hinode.com/en/


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